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Our Stain Protector Services - in the Luton area
StainShield or Promite Protector (Scotchguarding)

It's always a pleasure to see how bright and clean your furnishings look right after they've been professionally cleaned. Now you can keep them looking fresh and new longer by asking for StainShield® Advanced protector or PROmite 2 in 1 Protector. They both form an invisible shield around each fibre, which resists soil and stains. Most people know the name Scotchguard, and this is the same process - using PROmite or Stainshield.

If you live in Luton (& all surrounding areas) - whether you have brand new or just cleaned carpets/upholstery, StainShield® provides fantastic repellency. It repels most liquids, allowing spills to be removed before staining and wicking can occur. Dirt and stains cling to untreated fibres and subsequently become quickly embedded. StainShield® keeps dirt from sticking to the fibres, making carpets and upholstery easier to care for. PROmite works in the same way as StainShield BUT it contains an agent that kills dustmites that live in carpets, upholstery, mattresses etc. So it is a great 2 in 1 product. So from a health point of view this treatment is recommended.
Top of the range protecting agent for all types of carpets & upholstery.

Chemspec's StainShield is a world leading brand providing excellent protection
against spills
and helps
prolong the
fibres against
Scotchguard, Luton
Stainshield Professional Protector
A premium grade protector for all carpets & upholstery.

There is an added component to eliminate dust mites, & lasts for approx 18 months giving you allergy
aswell as
Stainguard, Luton
PROmite Allergy Protector
PROmite or StainShield must be professionally applied by us. It is applied by spray application, dries quickly, and leaves no odour. It is non-toxic and safe to use around family and pets. It's CFC and solvent free.

We recommend that the application of StainShield® or PROmite® after each cleaning on all fibre types. Even wool can benefit from both protector's special formulation for wool carpets. With an application of a high grade protector like the 2 mentioned, you have the assurance your carpets and fabrics are protectedto their maximum.

So, stop dirt & stains in their tracks. The next time you have your carpets or upholstery professionally cleaned (or fitted brand new), be sure to ask for either:

1. StainShield®
2. PROmite®

Our Treatment will be Dry in Less Than An Hour, And Is Completely Safe.
Stain Protector in Action
Demonstrated by TV Star Anthea Turner
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Scotchgard, Stainguard Luton
"I would just like to say that I am delighted with your scotchguard stainguard service. We spilt some red wine on our carpet and it all came out!"

Mrs Jones, Luton