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Who are we?

We are Kevin & Roxy Loomes, the owners of CleanPro - a family owned business, and draw experience from over 35yrs in the cleaning industry. Kevin is a former director of the C.LE.A.N. Association which was set up to bring training and education to companies, and giving the public an array of ethical professionals across a national network. We have won various awards in the industry, both technically and for business development (more), and we are also members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) the UK’s leading industry standard. (www.ncca.co.uk).

We are also trained by the UK's leading experts LTT (Leather Training & Technical) in not only recognising the correct types of leather, but how to clean, re-colour and restore to the correct industry standard more



Why Is ALL Carpet Cleaning NOT The Same?

A good question, but it's an industry FACT that ALL carpet cleaning is NOT the same and machinery goes some way explaining why this is the case. So below are 3 common types of cleaning systems used. CleanPro use the most thorough cleaning system known to the industry. We use a 'Mobile Cleaning Plant' and the system is so powerful that it has to be permanently mounted in the van. Our machine cleans dramatically better than ANY electrical cleaning machine and approx 40 times more powerful than a hire cleaning machine. So, here are  3 common types of machinery in use in the UK, that you should be aware of:

What does this all mean?

Well, you get the most effectively cleaned carpets & upholstery that you will EVER see! Remember, not all cleaning systems and methods are the same. If they were then us - the professionals, would simply buy a hire type machine for a few hundred pounds - not many ££thousands! At the end of the day we want to give you - our client, the best that you will ever get in terms of cleanliness and spectacular results! Remember, we don't use your water, we take all the waste away, they dry quicker - and they look far better!

CleanPro (covering Harpenden AL5 & all surrounding areas)

We are industry specialists who offer an extremely high quality service, like no other 'ordinary' company in Harpenden AL5 & all surrounding areas. We have a philosophy that if you can't do a job properly and professionally then it's not worth doing at all. Which is why we have the expertise in dealing with any situation. We have invested heavily in the industry's best equipment & the most stringent training available, which has resulted in us being certified by the governing bodies NCCA, LTT & Woolsafe To enhance our service further, we simply will not compromise on time & effort in our quest to achieve the outstanding results that we are renowned for.

CleanPro are eagerly recommended by retailers and we cover Harpenden AL5 & all surrounding areas with many many hundreds of satisfied clients. Whether it's carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, rug cleaning, leather cleaning or Scotchgard anti stain protection, we can get the results you deserve.
Carpet Doctor DIY Shampoo Machine
The most basic of systems offering little in terms of removing deep down soil. Can leave carpets wet for days & can resoil quickly due to shampoo left in carpet. Very low power & risk of mould left in your fibres.

Even some so called professionals use these types of small machines SEE the different types! Remember, the bigger it is, the better it's going to clean - FACT!

Verdict: Very Poor
Portable Extraction Machine
System commonly used
as a 'professional' machine. It cleans better than a hire machine and will leave items less wet, however it cannot use enough heat or suction power needed - due to limits on the maximum electrical current allowed

Whilst in your home your electric will be used at its maximum to power it, & the waste will be tipped down your loo.

Mobile Cleaning Plant
A huge unit bolted in to the van, using petrol as its power source. This allows extreme heat and suction power drawing out far more moisture, soil & pollutants than any other system.

Items are left healthily clean, removing dust mites, waste is taken away and your electric isn't used. A truly professional system offering fantastic results.

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